Work from home

How to maintain self-discipline while working from home

  • Set a boundary.

    Make an dedicated work-only space

  • Exercise.

    It serves as part of your routine, while keeping you healthy and alert.

  • If you are alone at home, consider getting a dog.

    Get's you out and walking, and you could tell you dog about the problem you couldn't solve.

  • Adopt a time management method/technique, such as pomodoro

    Pomodoro: Break work into smaller tasks, absolute focus for 25 minutes to work on a task, then take a 5 minutes break, then repeat.

  • Play some background music or noise

  • If you are working with remote team, use a collaboration tool.

  • Remember to have fun and reward yourself, besides working.

  • Consider shared office space, hackerspace or coffee shop.

  • Figure out your routine

    Discipline comes from routine, but embrace flexibility, and figure out when you're most productive during the day.

  • For self employed, having a basic income is liberating

    Once I manage to consistently generate enough money to stop worrying, I found myself to be far more motivated and productive.

  • Avoid distraction

    Disable notification: IM, Phone, Email.

  • Eat well, learn to cook.

  • Work on side project

    I found it is impossible to be continuously productive to work on the same project for a long period of time. I have a 2 week sprint on a project, then I switch to something else, then come back again. It keep me focus and make the task seems "refreshing".

  • Find your unicorn

    If financially permissible, work on your passion, or at least something you find interesting. Once I achieve some basic income from a website I run, I can't get myself to do (not motivated, low productivity) freelancing anymore as I found it not meaningful or satisfying (though the money is good). Now I work on the multiple ideas I have all these while.

  • Keep track of Progress

    Know what you have done over the past week (or month), and what is accomplished; to know if your progress is satisfying or not.