Startup Database

  • Deluux

    Deluux aims to become distributed Facebook, or inverted Ning, by relocating the center of people’s online identities to their websites, which exist outside of any one social network. The service will facilitate the distribution of personalized content around the web and help drive traffic to websites. It has yet to launch.

  • Snapjoy

    The best place to enjoy your photos.

  • Teevox

    Teevox is the company behind teevoxRemote, an app that allows an iPhone/iPad Touch to be used as a remote control for Hulu and Netflix. The app allows one-touch show selection, synchronized shared viewing with a friend, and play/pause/volume control.

  • SocialCam

    Socialcam is a new mobile video application coming to both iPhone and Android. Socialcam makes it fast, easy and fun to capture, share and view high quality movies of life’s moments with friends and family.

  • Pixelapse

  • Heap Analytics

    Heap automatically captures every user action in your web app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, form submissions, page views, and more.

  • One Month Rails

    We teach people how to code online in one month. We're profitable and have been growing at over 120% every month for the last 4 months. We're generating a half million dollar run rate on one class online. Like Khan Academy, we've developed an online video and social integration model that scales. It works because people finish with real projects that they can then use to 1) get promotions, 2) job offers, and 3) start their own companies. The team consists of online learning experts. Chris was wrote the curriculum and taught several of the blockbuster General Assembly classes. Mattan created the #1 and #2 most popular Skillshare classes ever.

  • Trafflers

    a B2C web service that makes it fun to discover and plan vacations with friends, thereby increasing the frequency and size of group travel bookings online.

  • mygola

    The world’s first platform to discover beautiful travel itineraries that are infinitely customizable and instantly bookable. mygola is a travel planning service that helps you create custom trip plans in minutes. With the help of thousands of curated itineraries, you can quickly find something you like and tweak it as much (or as little) to create a beautiful, custom trip plan for yourself.

  • fiuzu is your automatic personalized trip generator, taking you from travel itch to a fleshed-out itinerary in seconds. Through, you can find and connect with trusted local experts who can advise you about your generated plan. Finally, you can share your wonderful trip and helpful travel tips with your peers.