Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks

  • Unique, Relevant and Descriptive page title.

  • Use "description" meta tag, and make sure it's unique across pages.

    Though it might not help in SEO ranking, but Google might use them as snippets for your pages. Use description to provide extra information not available in the title. If you title is "Popular Restaurant in New York", put in a few restaurants name in the description or a snippet of user reviews.

  • Search Engine and Human friendly URL with meaningful world


  • Internal linking (make sure each page link to other pages) with easy navigation

  • Fast page load speed

    It matters to Google and user experience.

  • Creating Sitemaps and submit to Google Webmasters

    It helps to ensure all pages are indexed and Google Webmasters will report on errorness pagas, duplicate title and etc.

  • Use header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) for content title and sub titles.

  • Build External Links

    Increase the number of quality websites link to link to your site

  • Produce content of relevant keywords

    If you are running a restaurant review website, examples of contents should include "Restaurant in New York", "Romantic Restaurant", "Restaurants Selection for New Year Eve", "Chinese Restaurant around Broadway, New York", etc.