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mygola LIVE

The world’s first platform to discover beautiful travel itineraries that are infinitely customizable and instantly bookable. mygola is a travel planning service that helps you create custom trip plans in minutes. With the help of thousands of curated itineraries, you can quickly find something you like and tweak it as much (or as little) to create a beautiful, custom trip plan for yourself.

fiuzu LIVE is your automatic personalized trip generator, taking you from travel itch to a fleshed-out itinerary in seconds. Through, you can find and connect with trusted local experts who can advise you about your generated plan. Finally, you can share your wonderful trip and helpful travel tips with your peers.

Trafflers LIVE

a B2C web service that makes it fun to discover and plan vacations with friends, thereby increasing the frequency and size of group travel bookings online.

Deluux DEAD

Deluux aims to become distributed Facebook, or inverted Ning, by relocating the center of people’s online identities to their websites, which exist outside of any one social network. The service will facilitate the distribution of personalized content around the web and help drive traffic to websites. It has yet to launch.


The best place to enjoy your photos.
Snapjoy is an online photo library that imports your photos from anywhere and organizes them into meaningful memories of who, what, when, & where.

Heap Analytics LIVE

Heap automatically captures every user action in your web app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, form submissions, page views, and more.
Capture everything
Heap is modern approach to web and iOS analytics.

Teevox LIVE

Teevox is the company behind teevoxRemote, an app that allows an iPhone/iPad Touch to be used as a remote control for Hulu and Netflix. The app allows one-touch show selection, synchronized shared viewing with a friend, and play/pause/volume control.

One Month Rails LIVE

We teach people how to code online in one month. We're profitable and have been growing at over 120% every month for the last 4 months. We're generating a half million dollar run rate on one class online. Like Khan Academy, we've developed an online video and social integration model that scales. It works because people finish with real projects that they can then use to 1) get promotions, 2) job offers, and 3) start their own companies. The team consists of online learning experts. Chris was wrote the curriculum and taught several of the blockbuster General Assembly classes. Mattan created the #1 and #2 most popular Skillshare classes ever.
We teach people how to code online in one month.
One Month Rails teaches Ruby On Rails in less than a month, with a webbed structure so that you learn to build what you want without learning every single lesson under the sun. This way, you can have a functional web app up and running in no time.

Pixelapse LIVE

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Traveloka LIVE

Traveloka is an Indonesian flight search engine covering mostly domestic routes and airlines. merupakan situs pencarian dan pembelian tiket pesawat terbesar di Indonesia. menampilkan hasil pencarian terlengkap agar Anda dapat membandingkan harga tiket dari semua maskapai mulai dari harga termurah. Setelah memilih hasil pencarian, Anda dapat membeli langsung di, Jingdong, 京东, 360buy LIVE

Jingdong (, formerly 360Buy) is a leading B2C e-commerce company in China. Jingdong strives to offer consumers the best online shopping experience with the most trusted quality products. The Company provides a comprehensive service platform for its business partners and a huge selection of high quality products, convenient services and affordable prices for its consumers.

Codecademy LIVE

Codecademy is the easiest way to learn to code. Millions of people have used Codecademy to learn the basics of coding in an interactive, easy to use interface. Learn by doing.
The Easiest Way to Learn to Code
Codecademy is a web-based programming tutorial designed to teach HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP, and APIs.


LVL6 produces next-gen mobile RPGs.
Blizzard of the Post-PC Era (YC W12)
LVL6 creates social mobile games on Android and iOS.

HotelQuickly LIVE

HotelQuickly is a mobile app for booking last-minute hotel rooms in Asia / Pacific at the lowest rates available. With the best hotels in the region on offer, our users enjoy the fastest and most convenient way to book the best last minute hotel room.

SpoonRocket LIVE

At SpoonRocket, we are looking to shift people toward better eating. We believe that food of the highest and freshest quality should be available and accessible to everyone, all the time. It does not make sense that fast food is the only option available that is both affordable and convenient. We strive to be better. Our goal is to be faster than fast food, and more wholesome than Whole Foods.

Placety LIVE

Placety is a unique way of discovering, creating, sharing and talking about the Places you care about - from a coffee shop to your perfect wedding photo spot. Placety helps people make sense of the world around them by allowing them to explore, create, rate and share Places. The iOS application allows you to add your own photos, write comments and leave audio notes, follow and create Places of your own. There is a variety of ways to discover Places – from map and list views to augmented reality views.

Crowdtilt LIVE

Pool funds with friends for anything. We've taken our favorite elements of crowdfunding models on the web and provided those same tools to groups of friends instead.
Simple, Social, Pooling of funds... For anything.
Crowdtilt allows groups to pool funds for objectives in a simple, social, and frictionless way online.

RealCrowd LIVE

RealCrowd is breaking down the barriers to real estate investing by providing a syndication platform that empowers real estate operators to manage their investors and augment their investor network through the power of the crowd.
Platform For Accredited Crowd Investing in Commercial Real Estate
RealCrowd is bringing real estate investing to the masses. Gone are the days where you had to know somebody that had to know somebody, who hopefully knows somebody. Now, you know RealCrowd, and that’s all that matters!

Splashup LIVE

Splashup, formerly known as fauxto, is an online image editing service that provides some advanced tools and is unique for its incorporation of image editing layer effects. The site is still in beta, and so does not offer full editing capabilities yet.

Socialbrowse DEAD

SocialBrowse is a Firefox extension for sharing links. It has been described as “a Twitter for links”.
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Cloudkick ACQUIRED

Cloudkick is a centralized web-based control hub for cloud servers.

Userfox LIVE

keep your users around and convert more to paid customers with userfox.
optimizely for marketing automation
userfox helps companies send better email. They focus on drip welcome, inactivity, and retention email.

ClickFacts LIVE

ClickFacts is a Malware Software Solutions company for buyers and sellers of online media. Its automated plug and play malware discovery solution tests online ads (SWFs & 3rd Party Ad Tags) and web pages within websites to ensure they do not distribute malware onto users’ computers (which can lead to identity theft). Its moderation software solution monitors websites to ensure the ads running on them are free of inappropriate content (e.g., nudity, racism), and its Ad Buddy product provides to advertisers real-time continuous monitoring and a complete history of where their ads have run. ClickFacts Inc. was founded in 2005 by Mikhail Ledvich, Mikhail Gurevich, and Greg Gurevich in Boston Mass, with initial funding by YCombinator. It is now based in San Francisco, California.

Yardsale LIVE

Yardsale, a mobile app to help folks sell goods to local buyers. It enables users to easily list items for sale, hopes to take on other local marketplaces by reducing the friction associated with creating listings, and then dealing with flaky buyers afterward.

Submittable LIVE

Submittable makes it simple for any organization to accept, create revenue from, and manage incoming digital content and files: applications, ad media, manuscripts, blog posts, articles, resumes, business plans, portfolios, audio and video.
(YC S12) 6300+ Organizations use Submittable for Accepting and Managing Submissions
is a cloud-based submission management platform used by 1000s of businesses, publishers and art organizations to curate and accept payment with submission (i.e. audio, video, manuscripts, images, applications, and resumes).

Foodoro LIVE

Foodoro is a marketplace where people can buy specialty food directly from artisanal Foodmakers Our goal is to help people discover amazing food products and connect them with the folks who make their food Our company was started in 2008 by a small group of folks obsessed with food and technology People were always telling us about small Foodmakers who make amazing products, but we found it difficult to get our hands on their food. So, we decided to build a better way to help people discover and buy the best food products anywhere.

HolidayIQ LIVE is India’s first & largest holiday information portal powered by our thriving Indian traveller community & experts; enabling travellers to discover, plan holidays and share holiday experiences. gives you highly customised, rich information and insights on places, hotels, sightseeing and transport made uniquely relevant for you through what we call the science of holidays. It’s not rocket science but close enough!!

Zigfu LIVE

Zigfu provides a gesture-controlled user experience using the Microsoft Kinect or other motion tracking sensors. We currently support thousands of developers with our cross-platform software tools and provide a gesture-controlled portal and app store for developers to distribute their apps. We are focused on the market for low-cost games and apps and on building a vertical in conference displays and digital signage. Our longterm goal is to allow you to control your TV with no remote.
App-store for Kinect
Zigfu is the easiest way to make and play Kinect apps. Download the plugin, hook up your sensor, and enjoy the future now!